On-Line Process Optimization

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2017-06-14 14:31:59

To investigate the demand for and benefits of on-line process optimization in the industries within the geographical area covered by the ProcessIT Innovations program and to identify necessary research and development areas. The focus is to investigate the potential benefits of a modern advanced on-line optimization product and to identify new applications and relevant research, now and in the future, within new industry segments as well as potentially new applications within pulp and paper. How the cooperation with regional niche suppliers can be done and possible enhancements of existing products will also be covered.


Aktivitetsnummer: 2005:09
Portföljägare: ProcessIT
Aktivitetstyp: Förstudie
Status: Avslutat
Program: ProIT
Aktivitetsledare: Matthew Thurley
Startdatum: 200501
Slutdatum: 200901